New LOVING STONES Jewelery Collection.
Jewels Full of Meaning.
The white ceramic, which recalls the white houses of Puglia, our historic centres, symbolizes the strength of relationships and the ability to overcome challenges.

Gold is a precious metal associated with value and durability.

The union between ceramic and gold gives life to different shapes: each "pebble" represents a profound feeling of love, each jewel becomes a silent messenger of emotions: a heart for romantic love, a star for hope, a four-leaf clover for luck,…

A Secret Language of Affection and Care: giving "LOVING STONES" as a gift is not just a gesture, but a way of communicating deep feelings. Each pebble is made entirely by hand, forged, enamelled and decorated with 24 kt gold ceramic using the third firing technique): it contains all the energy and love of those who do their work with passion.
LOVING STONES: the "stones" that speak of love...

Bracelets, necklaces and earrings, with one Charm or many, but all to be collected on different occasions, thanks to the clasp that allows you to move the jewel peephole at will. The perfect gift for the couple, mother, grandmother, friend, daughter, teacher or girlfriend. Explore the entire collection, discover the message you want to send and compose the most beautiful and original Christmas gift.

Lucky talismans to wear every day, to face life with a little extra luck... a touch of magic...