TRENDY JEWELRY Between lucky charms and glamour

The jewels of 2023 seek to spread luck and love through colors and craftsmanship

The Lolita Necklace, a suspended Kiss, represents love in all its forms, but above all it has become a symbol of belonging for all those women who see themselves in a modern, independent female figure, outside the old canons that saw her "l 'other half of the sky'. A woman can be self-sufficient, love herself, show her fragility and at the same time make it her strength.

Our Mediterranean series is dedicated to the sea: calm or stormy, with all its nuances, from the blue of its depths to the white of the waves lapping the mainland

The Porte Bonheur earrings
Circles made cheerful by colored lucky horns that swing at the sides of the face

Coral earrings, another stone with magical power.

In reality, all handmade jewels can become amulets and contain magic, because those who make them trap positive energies

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