What does the Lolita Necklace represent💋? Why did it become a symbol?

Lolita is one of those rare women who makes everyone agree: not a rival, but a friend, a sister, or what we would like to be ourselves. "Lolita embodies the ideal of the Apulian woman, strong and assertive. Despite herself, she appears flashy in a predominantly male (and sexist) working environment... She finds herself having to fight against the prejudices of which women are still victims today." It has a strength that comes from pain, from which it gives rise to a sense of revenge, of fight, of justice. Perhaps this is why many women (many famous) have adopted the Lolita Necklace as a symbol of belonging, of sisterhood, of strength, of courage. A symbol of the immense love of which we are capable, but we do not keep it hidden in our hearts: we show it off like a jewel: the Lolita Necklace 💋

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